Translational Research Centre

Accelerating child health research

The Translational Research Centre (TRC) promotes knowledge and scientific development. Our mandate includes supporting researchers with their studies by providing support and assistance in the procurement of patient tissue specimens with correlative clinical data.


Bench-to-Bedside research opportunities
Facilitated access to high quality tissue specimens.

Tissue specimens collected on-call
Standardized acquisition, categorization and processing procedures of tissue specimens.

Bioethics support
Support for bioethics application submission.

Dedicated equipment and research personnel
Specialized equipment and trained research nurses and technicians.

Secure tissue storage
Hard wired freezers, kept at -80ÂșC, with continuous monitoring.

Biohazard laboratory
Level 2 containment laboratory within Children's Health Research Institute.

Clinical/tissue database
Remote web access with password protected login to clinical data/tissue specimens.

Flexible service packages
Individualized packages particular to your research needs.
Strategic links with other research centres Vibrant base of interconnected core research facilities in London for genomic and protein analysis.