Orlando da Silva

Maternal, Fetal & Newborn Health Dr. Orlando da Silva
Associate Scientist


Associate Scientist, Division of Maternal, Fetal & Newborn Health, Children's Health Research Institute
Associate Professor, Departments of Paediatrics, Epidemiology & Biostatistics, Western University
Faculty Member, Division of Neonatal/Perinatal Medicine, Children's Hospital, London, Ontario


Research Focus

Dr. da Silva is organizing and implementing a Breastfeeding/Nutrition Follow-up Clinic.  This clinic will mentor mothers and babies through breastfeeding challenges post discharge and monitor breastfeeding rates of preterm infants in addition to optimizing nutrition support of this vulnerable population who have been discharged from our NICU.

Awards & Grants

Awards & Grants

Funding in support of "Maternal Virtual Infant Nutrition Support Clinic (MAVINS clinic)" – Awarded by AHSC AFP Innovation Fund

Funding in support of "A Family Integrated Care Model for the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit" – Awarded by Canadian Institutes of Health Research Institute (CIHR)

Funding in support of "Enhancing Breast Milk Production with Domperidone in Mothers of Preterm Neonates (EMPOWER Trial)" – Awarded by Canadian Institute of Health Research (CIHR)

Funding in support of "Bipolar Disorder: Screening, Prevalence and Neonatal Outcomes" – Awarded by Ontario Mental Health Foundation

Funding in support of "Post Discharge Nutrition Support for Preterm Infants in Southwestern Ontario" – Awarded by AMOSO-Academic Medical Organization of Southwestern Ontario

Funding in support of "The World Health Organization Global Survey for Maternal and Perinatal Outcomes in Canada" – Awarded by Canadian Institute of Health Research (CIHR)

Recent Publications


Recurrent late onset group B streptococcus sepsis in a preterm infant acquired by expressed breast milk transmission: A case report
Jawa G, Zafar H, da Silva O
Breastfeeding Medicine. 2013 February; 8 (1):134-136

The effect of two different domperidone doses on maternal milk production
Knoppert DC, Page A, Warren J, Seabrook J, Carr M, Angelini M, Killick D, da Silva OP
J of Human Lactation. 2013; 29(1):38-44

Enhancing Breast Milk Production with Domperidone in Mothers of Preterm Neonates (EMPOWER trial)
Asztalos EV, Campbell-Yeo M, da Silva OP, Kiss A, Knoppert DC, Ito S
BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth. 2012; 12:87

Bronchodilators for the prevention and treatment of chronic lung disease in preterm infants (full review)
Ng GY, da Silva O, Ohlsson A
The Cochrane Library Published online. 2013 June 13

The Changing Epidemiology and Outcomes of Preterm Twins and Triplets in Canada, 2003-2008
Basil KL, Shah PS, Barrington KJ, Harrison A, da Silva OP, Lee SK, Canadian Neonatal Network
Am J Perinatol. 2012 Apr; 29(4):237-44

Neonatal outcomes are associated with latency after preterm premature rupture of membranes
Nayot D, Penava D, da Silva O, Richardson B,  da Vrijer B
J Perinatology advance online publication. 2012 Mar 15

Cost-effectiveness analysis of a system-based approach for managing neonatal jaundice and preventing kernicterus in Ontario
Xie B, da Silva O, Zaric G
Pediatr Child Health. 2012; 17(1):11-16

Neonatal Listeriosis Sepsis: the Importance of Placenta Historical Examination. A Case Report
Amarilis Batista Teixeira AB, Arruda Lana AMA, Lamounier JA, da Silva OP, Santos SME
Am J of Perinatol Reports. 2011; Volume 1

Outcomes of Elective Induction and Elective Primary Caesarean Section in Low-Risk Pregnancies between 37 and 41 Weeks Gestation
Dunne C, da Silva O, Schmidt G, Natale R
J Obstet Gynaecol Can. 2009; 31(12):1124-1130

Should prevention of chronic kidney disease start before pregnancy?
Filler G, Rayar MS, da Silva O, Buffo I, Pepelassis D, Sharma A
Int Urol Nephrol. 2008; 40(2):483-488

Effect of Maternal Depression and On Use of Health Services for Infants
Anderson L, Campbell MK, da Silva O, Freeman T, Xie B
Canadian Family Physician. 2008; 54:1718-1719



Phone: (519) 685-8500, x65925
Fax: (519) 646-6123
Email: odasilva [at] uwo [dot] ca
Website: https://www.schulich.uwo.ca/neonatalperinatal/orlandodasilva

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