Keith St. Lawrence

Maternal, Fetal & Newborn Health Dr. Keith St. Lawrence
Associate Scientist


Associate Scientist, Division of Maternal, Fetal & Newborn Health, Children's Health Research Institute
Assistant Professor, Medical Biophysics, Medical Imaging, Western University
Associate Scientist, Robarts Research Institute
Imaging Scientist, Lawson Health Research Institute


Research Focus

Dr. St. Lawrence's research focuses on developing non-invasive imaging methods for studying brain function, particularly the development of methods based on near-infrared spectroscopy and magnetic resonance imaging.

Recent Publications


Kinetic model optimization for characterizing tumour physiology by dynamic contrast-enhanced near-infrared spectroscopy
St Lawrence K, Verdecchia K, Elliott J, Tichauer K, Diop M, Hoffman L, Lee TY
Physics in Medicine and Biology. 2013 Mar 7; Vol 58 (5)

Preservation of the metabolic rate of oxygen in preterm infants during indomethacin therapy for closure of the ductus arteriosus
Arora R, Ridha M, Lee DS, Elliott J, Rosenberg HC, Diop M, Lee TY, St Lawrence K
Pediatric Research. 2013 Mar 14

Improving the depth sensitivity of time-resolved measurements by extracting the distribution of times-of-flight
Diop M, St Lawrence K
Biomedical Optics Express. 2013 Mar 1; Vol 4 (3)

Variance of time-of-flight distribution is sensitive to cerebral blood flow as demonstrated by ICG bolus-tracking measurements in adult pigs
Elliott JT, Mileg D, Gerega A, Weigl W, Diop M, Morrison LB, Lee TY, Liebert A, St Lawrence K
Biomedical Optics Express. 2013 Feb 1; Vol 4 (2)

Quantifying the cerebral metabolic rate of oxygen by combining diffuse correlation spectroscopy and time-resolved near-infrared spectroscopy
Verdecchia K, Diop M, Lee TY, St Lawrence K
J Biomedical Optics. 2013 Feb; Vol 18 (2)

Functional imaging for interpretation of pain pathways: current clinical application/relevance and future initiatives
Clarke CF, St Lawrence KS
Current Pain and Headache Reports. 2013 Feb; Vol 17 (2)

Arterial input function of an optical tracer for dynamic contrast enhanced imaging can be determined from pulse oximetry oxygen saturation measurements
Elliott TY, Wright EA, Tichauer KM, Diop M, Morrison LB, Pogue BW, Lee TY, St Lawrence K
Physics in Medicine and Biology. 2012 Dec 21; Vol 57 (24)

Broadband continuous-wave technique to measure baseline values and changes in the tissue chromophore concentrations
Yeganeh HZ, Toronov V, Elliott JT, Diop M, Lee TY, St Lawrence K
Biomedical Optics Express. 2012 Nov 1; Vol 3 (11)

Model-independent dynamic constraint to improve the optical reconstruction of regional kinetic parameters
Elliott JT, Diop M, Lee TY, Lawrence KS
Optics Letters. 2012 Jul 1; Vol 37 (13)

Deconvolution method for recovering the photon time-of-flight distribution from time-resolved measurements
Diop M, St Lawrence K
Optics Letters. 2012 Jun 15; Vol 37 (12)

Erratum: Calibration of diffuse correlation spectroscopy with a time-resolved near-infrared technique to yield absolute cerebral blood flow measurements
Diop M, Verdecchia K, Lee TY St Lawrence K
Biomedical Optics Express. 2012 Jun 1; Vol 3 (6)

A two-stage approach for measuring vascular water exchange and arterial transit time by diffusion-weighted perfusion MRI
St Lawrence KS, Owen D, Wang DJ
JMRI. 2012 May; Vol 67 (5)

Measuring the neural response to continuous intramuscular infusion of hypertonic saline by perfusion MRI
Owen DG, Clarke CF, Bureau Y, Ganapathy S, Prato FS, St Lawrence KS
JMRI. 2012 Mar; Vol 35 (3)




Phone: (519) 646-6000, x65737
Email: kstlaw [at] lawsonimaging [dot] ca

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