Kambiz Norozi

Children's Health & Therapeutics Dr. Kambiz Norozi


Scientist, Division of Children’s Health and Therapeutics, Children’s Health Research Institute
Associate Professor, Department of Paediatrics, Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry, Western University
Clinician, Departments of Paediatrics and Paediatric Cardiology, London Health Sciences Centre
Associate Scientist, Lawson Health Research Institute

How my research helps children

As a Paediatric Cardiologist I am very interested in long term outcome of children with operated heart defects. Stratifying risk factors, which lead to heart failure, is the crucial key to be able to answer this question.


Current Research Activities

Dr. Norozi’s other field of interest and research is to assess and objectify the risk factors of cardiovascular disorders in obese children, a growing population in our society.

Research Team

Dr. Norozi’s research team consists of two Paediatric cardiologist (Dr. Eva Welisch and Dr. Ralf Rauch), a nurse practitioner (Liz Burrill) and two echo technicians (Judy Jones and Travis Kowlessar).

Future Research Plans

Dr. Norozi has received funding to study 100 obese children in regard to their cardiovascular function. Echocardiographic investigation, blood work and measurement of the physical activity of these children, could help to assess and objectify the risk factors of cardiovascular disorder in obese children timely and before they become symptomatic.

Awards & Grants

Awards & Grants (past 5 years)

Funding in support of "Functional cardiac imaging in Xenopus" – Awarded by Children’s Health Foundation

Funding in support of "The impact of a structured lifestyle intervention on body composition and exercise capacity in obese children with operated heart defects" – Awarded by Academic Medical Organization of Southwestern Ontario (AMOSO), Canada

Funding in support of "The feasibility and success of the Telehealth based physical activity and nutrition counseling in obese children with operated congenital heart defect" – Awarded by Children's Health Foundation (Internal Research Fund)

Funding in support of "β-Cell Function and Early Signs of Vascular Complications in Children and Adolescents with Type 1 Diabetes" – Awarded by Children’s Health Research Institute (CHRI)

Postgraduate Clinical Teacher of the Year – Awarded by The Department of Paediatrics, The University of Western Ontario

Funding in support of "Non-invasive measurement of cardiac output in hypertensive children with operated congenital heart defect" – Awarded by Lawson Health Research Institute (LHRI)

Funding in support of "Impact of body weight on cardiac function in children" – Awarded by The University of Western Ontario, London

Funding in support of "Cardiovascular Function in Obese Children and Adolescents" – Awarded by Children’s Health Research Institute (CHRI)

Funding in support of "Serum N-BNP in children and adolescents" – Awarded by Roche Diagnostics

Recent Publications


Comparison of Late Results of Arterial Switch versus Atrial Switch (Mustard Procedure) Operation for Transposition of the Great Arteries
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Noninvasive measurement of cardiac output in obese children and adolescents: Comparison of electrical velocimetry and transthoracic Doppler echocardiography
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Muscle force and power in obese and overweight children
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How to predict the impact of methylphenidate on cardiovascular risk in children with attention deficit disorder: methylphenidate improves autonomic dysfunction in children with ADHD
Buchhorn R, Muller C, Willaschek C, Norozi K
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The effect of seniority and education on departmental dictation utilization
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Shone's complex and levoatriocardinal vein: A rare combination
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N-terminal pro-brain natriuretic peptide level (NT-proBNP) as a screening tool for cardiac involvement in general Paediatric diseases
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Comment on: Interest of b-blockers in patients with right ventricular systemic dysfunction
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GDF-15: An additional diagnostic tool for the risk stratification of developing heart failure in patients with operated congenital heart defects
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Long term follow up of pseudoinfarction pattern in two children
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Physical stress testing of bovine jugular veins using magnetic resonance imaging, echocardiography and electrical velocimetry
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NT-Pro-B-Type Natriuretic Peptide Levels in Infants with Failure to Thrive due to Caloric Deprivation
Mänhardt LB, Norozi K, Müller C, Willaschek C, Kostuch B, Buchhorn R
Int J Pediatr. 2010; 2010:983468

In vivo imaging of the cyclic changes in cross-sectional shape of the ventricular segment of pulsating embryonic chick hearts at stages 14 to 17: a contribution to the understanding of the ontogenesis of cardiac pumping function
Männer J, Thrane L, Norozi K, Yelbuz TM
Dev Dyn. 2009 Dec; 238(12):3273-84

Cough: a potentially life-threatening condition after interventional closure of atrial septal defect
Schoof S, Norozi K, Breymann T, Wessel A, Bertram H
Circ Cardiovasc Imaging. 2009 Sep; 2(5):e30-1

Intravenous luteinizing hormone-releasing hormone has no effect on serum N-terminal pro-brain natriuretic peptide in children and adolescents
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Chances of employment in women and men after surgery of congenital heart disease: comparisons between patients and the general population
Geyer S, Norozi K, Buchhorn R, Wessel A
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Aminoterminal Pro B-Type Natriuretic Peptide (NT-proBNP) Levels for Monitoring Interventions in Paediatric Cardiac Patients with Stenotic Lesions
Welisch E, Kleesiek K, Haas N, Norozi K, Rauch R, Filler G
Int J Pediatr. 2009; 2009:241376

Beta-blockade does not alter plasma cytokine concentrations and ventricular function in young adults with right ventricular dysfunction secondary to operated congenital heart disease
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The influence of congenital heart disease on psychological conditions in adolescents and adults after corrective surgery
Norozi K, Zoege M, Buchhorn R, Wessel A, Geyer S
Congenit Heart Dis. 2006 Nov; 1(6):282-8

Study participation and nonresponse in a population of adolescents and adults with operated congenital heart disease (GUCH patients)
Geyer S, Zoege M, Norozi K, Kempa A, Buchhorn R, Wessel A
Congenit Heart Dis. 2008 Jan; 3(1):26-32

Additional publications



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