CHRI Branding

The new Children's Health Research Institute brand leverages the strong identity of the CHRI Acronym that was first developed in the former brand of the four blocks with each letter.  CHRI is positioned first to further strengthen and reinforce that name recognition.

Bold, bright colours with a strong capital font were used to demonstrate the child focused and collaborative nature of the institute and bring a modern and innovative look and feel to the new brand.

In addition it was important that there be brand continuity between Children's Hospital at London Health Sciences Centre and Children's Health Foundation.  As such, the same font, colours and stacked layout were used for the words Children's Health Research Institute.

This logo replaces all previous corporate identities and is to be used on all stationery, presentation, promotional items, marketing and advertising.

These guidelines outline the appropriate use of the Children's Health Research Institute logo including usage information and colour specifications.

Size Limitations and Unique Applications

The logo should always appear in its entirety.  However, there may be applications, for example on a very small space, that the entire logo cannot be used.  With prior approval from Children's Health Research Institute, the CHRI acronym may be used on its own.

Corporate Positioning Statement & External Usage

The corporate positioning statement succinctly and readily describes the organization and should wherever possible, be used in conjunction with the logo.
When the logo is provided to external users it must include the positioning statement.  This is the approved combination of logo and positioning statement.  No other format should be used.
(This logo should also be used on posters and advertising outside of CHRI.)

Logo Files

with Positioning Statement
without Positioning Statement
GIF - Full Colour GIF - Full Colour
  GIF - Black GIF - Black
  GIF - White GIF - White
JPG - Full Colour JPG - Full Colour
  JPG - Black JPG - Black
EPS - Full Colour EPS - Full Colour
  EPS - Black EPS - Black

File Type:
GIF - Graphics Interchange Format (Web)
JPG - Joint Photographic Experts Group (Web)
EPS - Encapsulated Postscript (print)**
**This EPS logo is black or coloured lettering with no background colour.  It is the best one to use on coloured posters.

Powerpoint Presentation Template

For all presentations affiliated with CHRI please use the powerpoint template created with our logo.

Poster Logos

For all posters affiliated with CHRI please use one of the following logos.

Full Colour  
Stationery & Business Cards

1.  Please see the CHRI Administrative Office to obtain letterhead and/or envelopes.
2.  To order CHRI business cards please contact karen [dot] burrell [at] lhsc [dot] on [dot] ca (Karen Burrell) (x55455).